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For many of our customers, this will be the first time they are arranging a funeral and they are often concerned about what to do first.


Muldoon Murphy will carry out all arrangements in according to your wishes and those of the deceased but the initial actions will depend on where the death has occurred and what the circumstances are.


Full Care of Remains

 Liaising with the hospital, nursing home etc. regarding the removal of your loved one.

Preparation and presentation of your loved one including embalming, and dressing in their preferred clothes


Coffins & Urns

We provide a wide range of coffins, casket and urns which can be customised to reflect the personality, hobbies or interests of your loved one.

Church Cross

Funeral Home

Funeral Home: We offer a peaceful location for you to wake a loved one in the centre of Kells with off-street parking

Muldoon Murphy Funeral Directors Kells (

Wake at Home

If you wish to wake your loved one at home, we will assist in preparing your home


Burial & Cremation

Liaise with cemetery caretaker or crematorium to prepare burial plot/cremation. Canopy and seating can be arranged by the graveside where appropriate

Taking Notes

Funeral Notice

Prepare and publish all funeral notices in preferred papers, radio stations and


Floral Service

Fresh flowers can be provided for your home or the funeral home, depending on wake location

Muldoon Murphy Transportation.jpg


After a loved one has died, their body is normally stored in a Chapel of Rest until the date of the funeral services.



We make all necessary arrangements to have your loved ones remains transported back to Ireland or from Ireland.

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